Saturday, September 15, 2012

In a Crowd

I'm sitting at Starbucks and the place is jam packed. I've already been served, but most of the folks here are waiting. It's the norm these days in West Texas as there is an oil boom in the works. Folks are streaming into the area like digital media over the digital rainbow. I see people of all cultures and a few different languages as well. Gone are the days of nothing but "ya'lls" echoing through the airwaves. Today I've already heard Spanish and Chinese! There are a few fellow geeks here with their laptops. Of course I'm the oddball with the Apple iPad! What's new?

I'm about to go shopping for my new weekly needs list. I hate shopping on a Saturday, but necessity has changed my plans. While sitting here messing around on my iPad I overheard a bunch of younger adults discussing their faith. I butted in and told them I was eavesdropping and overheard their conversation. We all did a little networking and I came away with a couple of contacts that will help me in my new job. Life is full of nice little surprises.

I also took a little time to practice my Chinese lessons. I'm again overhearing their conversation and they are talking about college classes teaching Internet policy in China. Kak interechna. (How interesting:Russian)

So here I am about to leave and get some things done to make my week a little easy. It's chaotic here, but I love it. I'm in no rush, have no plans and love networking with younger folks.


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