Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rest, Recuperation and Play, Oh My!

Life can get hectic if you let it. The world screams, "Make more money" and we follow its lead. The bible tells us that "money answers everything", but it isn't THE answer to everything. If I don't have peace what good is all the money in the world? The Lord asked us "What should it profit a man should he gain the whole world and what shall a man exchange for his soul?" That says a bunch to me. The pressure may be onto have more and more, but I push back equally hard. I want the will of God in my life more than anything. I appreciate that I have what I need to do what He asks me, but if I had to choose between Him and "mammon" as the old English translators called it, I pray I would choose Him.

Today I have scheduled free play. I chose to go to the gym and get on the treadmill, but while there I read a favorite study course on divine faith. I had high aspirations of how long I would work out, but knew when I had walked only a mile and a half it was time to quit. I decided in my car that my next destination would be Barnes & Noble for breakfast, a chai latte (soy) and some relaxing reading about art. As soon as I sat down my writing side kicked in and I decided it was high time to blog. So here I am.

I've been a widow for going on 23 months. My life is changed in a bunch of ways, but there are familiar things that have remained the same. I am still a writer. I am still an artist. I am still a mother. I am still a grandmother. I am still getting over the death of my husband of 34 years. I have a new person in my life and he and I are enjoying each other's company as we recover from the mutual deaths of our spouses.

I've started painting again. I have finished five canvases and have several more sketched and ready to paint. Tomorrow I hope to work on four small canvases I'm working on. It's a new aspect of art and I'm in "learning mode" as I am painting something specific to my ministry call. It's different, but it's a lot of fun. God is doing a new thing in my life and I'm working to hear His voice once again for this new work.

I'm a girl that enjoys lots of different things. My signature style is classic eclectic. I love vintage, I love retro, I love fru fru, I love traditional, but not too traditional. So all of these things in me are speaking, wanting to "get out". I'm holding them back and letting God open the gate. Today it's writing and art, but I just got a text request for ministry so when I'm done with my "me" day I'll go back to my ministry self. Normally on this blog I'm incognito. Today I'm letting it out that my true heart is ministry or loving those who need the real love of God in their lives. I have a huge heart (thanks to God) and there is enough love for whoever He brings along my path.

Praying for you who read this to be brave enough to take a day for yourself and get your tank refueled. God wants you to rest. He has said, "I give rest to my beloved" and you are one of His beloved if you want to be.


(Written two months ago)

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