Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creature Comforts

The weather here in West Texas is less than desirable today. Normally the thought of frigid weather (it's 12 degrees here mixed with a coating of the white stuff) and snow stirs up thoughts of holidays and family. Why is it that in February it brings dread and loathing? At any rate my decision for the day was to stay inside and keep warm. It's one of those, "comfort yourself dear" days. So far this morning I've taken my time and savored everything I've done. I had my normal morning conversation and devotional with a dear friend. I've had my obligatory cup of caffeinated black currant tea to shake the proverbial cobwebs from my brain. I read ten or so pages (while snuggled deep within the covers of my bed WITH the electric blanket on) of a new favorite novel. I've even indulged myself in a steamy hot shower ending with the wearing of a new item of clothing carefully pared with boots, a wonderful zippered sweater and denim vest. All of these things are creature comforts to me. I don't often pamper myself, but today I'm all alone with my dogs and have no schedule or "must dos" on my daily "to do list". Sure there are things I "could do" and maybe even "should do", but they are taking a back seat to the "love your neighbor AS THYSELF" list.

As I get older my list has changed. My "creature comfort" in earlier times might have been sleep in, but time is so important to me these days. I am learning to count seconds and use them like Ebenezer Scrooge might use a tube of toothpaste. I get every little bit out of them, I even use a "butter knife" to squish the goodness out of my day.

One of my favorite things to do when I take the time is write. Not like the curriculum I'm working on that is "need to" thing, but free flowing from my heart like this blog. It's funny how I have a need to connect with other people, but I do. My husband looks at my need to share words with others like I am an alien when I do. He loves to write, but writing is for him and nobody else. We are different in many ways, that's for sure.

I'm a social moth. I say moth because butterfly is so cliche. Perhaps hubby is right when he refers to my need to connect as rather dangerous. Like a moth driven to the flame, I am driven to write for others to read. The only difference is that I don't need accolades or acceptance of my writing. I just need a format and hope I have an audience. I have a favorite blogger that emails me her penned thoughts once a week. She doesn't give her readers the option to reply, she simply gives them the opportunity to read her work. She is a published author so her words are appreciated and heeded, but she stops short of having too many "critical reviews"! I like her style.

What else will I do today? What else comforts me? Well I made a second cup of hot tea, non caffeinated peach. I have a pattern for a toboggan (a winter snugly hat) I might crochet. I might make some "handmade" greeting cards. Chances are good I'll meander through the latest and greatest on Pinterest. I love the eye candy appeal of Pinterest. A day like today begs for soup and grilled cheese. I could even bake some cookies. No I better not. I'm in the mood to eat them if I bake them.

A creature comfort day is a day where I am in control. How many of us love being in control? How seldom are we truly in control? The grandfather clock just chimed 9:00AM and I'm ok with it. I'm filling every moment with good things that make me feel loved, cared for, and even happy. I may pay for all this with a wave of guilt come tomorrow, but it will be worth it all. Of that I am sure.

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