Thursday, December 5, 2013

Getting Crafty

I'm an artsy fartsy gal. I really enjoy opportunities to create things that enhance the lives of those I love and the environment we share. To me well made homemade is special. It's easy to walk into a store, pick up an item and pay for it. It's not so easy to dedicate time and talent to make things. Of course there are some things that one simply can't make that enhance life. The iPad I'm using to write and post this blog is a store bought goodie. I can also appreciate such things as one who uses them regularly.

Today I finished three of four homemade projects. I made twelve snowmen ornaments from tea lights, six "faux" marshmallow snowmen ornaments, and two jingle bell garlands. The fourth project is a gift so I won't post what it is as its intended recipient sometimes reads this blog. It's fulfilling to design, start, work on and complete projects. For this reason I don't typically start long projects so I can be sure to complete the work I start. I don't like finding unfinished projects that have been sitting in drawers forever. I do have an afghan in the works, but it's one that uses scrap yarn so it is a work in progress.

I really enjoy homemade gifts, I also love getting art from friends and family. I have pictures painted and drawn by my grandchildren, my niece and close friends. I love seeing them hang on my fridge, my walls and in scrapbooks. It's like having a very personal art gallery. When I'm alone for long stretches of time, I can look at the art in my home and warm memories can fill the void that solitude can bring.

I know people who turn their noses up on homemade things. I'm not sure I will ever understand why, but they do. Not everyone can draw, crochet, knit, or create something from nothing. I could knit if I were so inclined, but choose not to as I have too many irons in my fires already. I have a friend who is very gifted with knitting. A gift from her is very special to me. I've known her so long that I knew her before she could knit. I've watched her go from novice to master of her art. She makes socks and lace! Both require skill to complete. She fills her spare time creating patterns for other knitters! That is mastery. That is the art of crafting.

I have more projects waiting in the wings, but for now I'm crafting a blog about crafting. Writing is very satisfying to me. To be able to take words and create mental images and feelings is powerful. To even reach and entertain an audience of one is wondrous. It's time to get in gear and get crafty.

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