Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alle Alle Auch Sind Frei

These words have a familiar ring, but they look very unfamiliar unless you speak German. Loosely translated they mean that everyone is free. I remember chanting them at the end of a "hide and seek" session. When called out these silly sounding words notified the players that the round was over, the seeker had given up and the successful hiders were free to come to home base free from fear of being tagged "it".

Freedom is a precious thing, a costly gift to those who enjoy it. America claims to be the home of the "free" and the land of brave. The freedoms enjoyed here have come at the cost of countless lives at her conception and continued to be costly throughout her short 236 year history.

Freedom for the believer in Messiah Yeshua/Jesus was more costly. The price was his life, his life's blood and the unspeakable unimaginable suffering he experienced the three days and nights he spent in hell.

Believers have been freed from the curse that was tied to breaking the unchanging rules or laws of the Mosaic covenant. A study of Deuteronomy 28 should be a must not only in the Sabbath and Sunday schools in our synagogues and congregations, but should be heralded from the pulpits of those same institutions. Yeshua has redeemed us, made us free, from the curse of the law. Deuteronomy 28 outlines everything the curse held for us. Many "suffer" or allow the curse in their lives by being ignorant of the redemption of the curse, but even more break the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus and walk in the same curse they have been redeemed from.

We are called to walk the love walk by trusting completely in the Father's love through His son. AND we are called to walk in love towards our fellow man. We are called to submit to the spirit of compassion, the Precious Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will never lead us back into sin and back under the curse of the law. Righteous men (and women) do not sin as a matter of habit. Sin is all about self. We sin because we don't trust God to provide or care for us. If we take the time to examine ourselves, to judge ourselves we will see that out pet sins fall under the "selfish" heading every single time.

Those who are truly free from the law of sin and death consider themselves dead to sin and alive to righteousness. The end result? That by HIS stripes; righteousness' stripes we WERE healed.

He who the son has made free is free indeed!


- love never fails.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Different Perspectives

We're told that God saw/sees the end from the beginning. His perspective is via the Holy Spirit and therefore His presence permeates reality or truth.
While in Belarus several years ago I sought the Lord for the reason He had sent me. I had walking pneumonia and was so ill I felt worthless. In my mind I had come to save the world, but was so sick I couldn't even lift my head. It wasn't till much later that I could see some of what He was doing in me and through me. He is still showing me what that five week trip was about.
Those hidden seeds of faith were at work, but I was expecting to see them working as if they were above ground.
I have since learned I see the beginning from the end. He has told us that His ways are above ours.
What it boils down to is trust. The kingdom of heaven demands trust. Our minds want answers, but the mind of Christ is trust. We want control and have only the control of will where it doesn't conflict with His.
The more control I relinquish these days, the more He can hand back to me. My perceptions and perspective are changing moment by moment. I find great peace in allowing Him to be God and allowing the free-fall of faith to become a joyful thing.
- love never fails.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ultimate Makeover

As the years tick away in my life I've seen a change in the reflection in the mirror, but I must remember that the face I see in the mirror isn't me. The face I see in the large oval mirror in my bathroom is merely the aging earth suit I wear while on earth. The real me is hidden deep within and is the person God is working on.

I have a Basic English Bible up in my attic somewhere. It holds a favorite verse and that translation has a precious place in my heart. 2 Chronicles 24:13 "So the workmen did their work, making good what was damaged and building up the house of God till it was strong and beautiful again."

The body I live in has been damaged by the storms of life. The Body of Christ is damaged goods, but it is God who is working in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure. We are the house of God and He wants us to become the manifested sons of God.

As we submit ourselves to the word of God He is transforming us into His likeness. His goal is to make us strong and beautiful. He is remaking the hidden man of the heart.

When I look in the mirror I remind myself that this outer "man" will also be transformed one day. It is our hope and the last redemption we will know!

- love never fails.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Expression of the Heart of God

Expression of the Heart of God

It's weird how changes occur. Much like the hidden changes that a caterpillar goes through within a cocoon, so are the changes I've gone through in my 54 years. We start out naive and innocent just living like little children and then we are subjected to the pressures of the world. For those of us who have been chosen of God and have returned the affections, we must choose to walk as little children in spite of the affects and effects all we experience have had on us.

One of the changes I've begun to see is that I want to express God's heart in my artsier side. I want others to see how much God loved me through abuses I suffered as a child. How He was with me though He chose not to keep me from the hurt. He was not only present for me, but was long suffering (and wanted me also to become long suffering) for those who were trapped in bondage to an unseen enemy. God is so patient. He could easily have withdrawn the breath of those who hurt me, but had He where would His mercy have been. Some who were cruel to me chose to turn from those wicked ways, others did not. In it all I have been strengthened to love stronger and have a heart of mercy for those who are in such dark bound places.

How does one describe the grace that sees you through the death of children and a spouse. I mention  that I lost a son many years ago and people suck air in surprise. The memory holds no pain for me. Why? Because once again God was with me through it all. He walked me through the shock of finding him dead in his bed. He walked me through the death of dreams, expectations and disappointment. He assured me through His unchanging word that my little boy was in heaven waiting for me. He couldn't come to me, but I most assuredly could go to him. So I moved on.

Now God walks me through the death and absence of my precious husband. Thirty four years is a long time to spend with one person. We finished each other's thoughts and were very much in tune with one another. His end was a dramatic as his life. He lived on the edge up until his departure. He was generous, loving and loved to speak grace to the Body of Christ. He lived an amazing life and I miss him more than words on pages can tell. When I think I can't go on, God graciously shows Himself a worthy if not even more perfect partner. In the natural I would prefer to have Jeff back here with me, but in the spirit I am finding the peace I need to go on and do God's will in my life. I'm not in heaven, but I want days of heaven upon the earth I live on.

God is a good Father. He makes all other fathers pale in comparison. He has been given a bad reputation by those who don't know Him, but I'm learning to know Him in the most personal of ways. He has said He would be my husband and has even presented me with a silver ring. I have struggled with this ring, but I wear it and thank God for His patience as I learn to do so without regret and without flinching at its meaning.

I hope my words have painted a picture of my present heart. It's in healing, it's in renovation at present, but it's on it's way to a full recovery. Why? Again, because God is good and always here with me.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Workmen Did Their Work

There is a verse in Chronicles that says, "The workmen did their work building the house of God till it was strong and beautiful again". Not sure where it is, but I remember finding that verse years ago and thinking how wonderful a verse! It was written ages ago, but speaks to me if a future and perpetual hope.

I refuse to hear all the dark talk of today and refuse to let it color my heart. I've suffered through much loss in my life, but again refuse to let it have a negative effect upon my heart. God is bigger than anything I've ever suffered!

I always tell folks when I see a pile of pooh I'm looking for a pony close by! God is the great creator, He gave Adam command to go and REplenish the earth. His job was to multiply and refill the earth. To redo something tells me something was here before and has to be redone. So it continues to be. We are called to take what we are given and invest our gifts in rebuilding the broken places, the broken things and most importantly the broken people.

God manifested His son (starting in Adam) to destroy the works of the adversary. The enemy came to steal, to kill and to Destroy! BUT greater is he (God by His Spirit) that is in us than the god of this earthly world.

I'm a northerner from working folks. My natural heritage and people were never slothful. I'm a workman. I am tempted to be short with lazy or selfish people. I want to see the house of God strong and beautiful again.

If I could do anything to bolster the Body of Christ it would be to let them know that God was fully aware of all that was coming our way in these last days. He hasn't run out of power or resources and He has even said that the wicked lay up treasures for the last days.

I remind myself this when things look bleak! God is great at redoing, second chances and hope in the midst of the worst situations. He is with us in trouble. I think He rather enjoys a good "sticky wicket" as the Brits would say. He delights in seeing us bookended between the Red Sea and pharaoh! Why? Because the deliverance will be without a doubt from Him!

Except the Lord build a house they labor in vain...Psalm 127:1

- love never fails.