Saturday, March 4, 2017

Spontaneous or Planned Art?

Today after hubby went to work and I ate lunch I went to my artsy fartsy craft studio and made the above wreath. I normally find myself struggling with what to do on such days, but today I dove in and completed this project. I'm discovering that if I lay out supplies, patterns, plans and watch certain videos I tend to be more creative and productive. If I simply go into this creative space I flounder with no ideas. Oddly enough, if I go in and start cleaning or organizing I will pull together ideas and find myself creating something. I also find myself compiling ideas and supplies for future projects. I have very limited time for crafting as I'm busy cleaning and maintains a home of 4,200+ square feet. I also tend to eight domestic pets, four dogs and four cats. For this reason I want my free time to be used creating. Whether I'm playing my accordions, keyboard, autoharp or pianos, sewing, making cards or some other craft I want to see something created for my efforts. Just as children have different learning fashions, I have a creative style. I am rarely spontaneously creative, though once I get ideas, I can compile supplies and then watch someone else do something similar and then productively create.

I've also discovered another idiosyncratic thing about myself. I don't simply create for the sake of creating. Whatever I make needs to be useful and fill a purpose or a need. I'd have a difficult time just throwing purpose to the wind in order to create. My frugality and purpose driven nature doesn't mix well with complete spontaneity. Not sure I can stretch to that level of creativity.

Love never fails...