Friday, April 22, 2011

God; the Ultimate Recycler Celebrated on Earth Day

Today has significance to many people. To those who are conscious of the mess our environment is in it is "Earth Day". To children all over the U. S. it's a day off from school. To those working in government jobs and in banks it's a day off from work. To those who worship God through the grace in His Son Yahowshua (Jesus) it is the day we remember he was crucified. Some call it "Good Friday". It probably didn't seem so good to the Lord at the time, but for the very reason that he came to rescue a world in trouble it was very good. He rescued all who would trust in him.

Those of us who believe the Holy Bible is the inspired word of God written on paper, know that the condition the world is in (environmentally speaking) is not a surprise. God put restrictions on how bad it could get and promised to even adjust or speed up time so all flesh wouldn't be destroyed! But He thought of everything and knew what we have today was coming.
I am all for being good stewards of the planet and the resources we have been given. God calls us to do just that. He will ask of us when we stand before Him what we have done with what He has given us. There will be an accounting done when this age is up. We all have waste in our lives. The Lord was so farsighted He even planned for decay (flies, buzzards, pigs and the like) and refuse (see dung gate in your bibles). He saw the end from the beginning!

We don't get off just because this planet is going to be purged with fire and remade, but that alone should bring us peace when we can't seem to get the ears of selfish and wasteful people.

God is the original recycler. He will remake heaven and earth. He takes the corruptible and puts on it incorruptibility! He has an awesome plan to reuse, renew and recycle everything! He reuses those who have been thrown away. He renews the minds of those who seek His will. He will ultimately recycle everything we see, smell, taste, feel or hear! The earth is truly the Lord's and the fullness thereof! Just ask Him.

Selah (chew on that in Hebrew)!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Simple Things

I am enjoying a quiet morning here at my little corner desk. I can hear my three baby ducklings out in their new yard. I hear birds talking back and forth to one another. I hear the distant buzz of a foreign car starting its engine and driving off. And I hear my refrigerator humming through its cycles.

I find it odd that these things help me stay calm and focused in such trying times. The world is a scary place most of the time. I know at every time and place in my life there have been things that could overwhelm my soul IF I allowed them. I'm glad I have the truth of God's word to center my soul. "He will keep him (or her) in perfect peace if his mind is stayed on Him (God).

The wonder of God and His handiwork is normally seen in nature and its beauty and awe. God spoke and created everything we see, smell, hear, taste and feel. He placed him in a garden and gave him dominion over all the work of His hands. Then man screwed it up and sold out to the complexity of being in charge. We like being in charge, but how can one who is so limited in scope (in himself) be in charge of anything? Adam clearly was clueless after separated from God. He hid behind leaves and in the dark. He turned into an accuser when he had been the son of God.

So here I am, quiet, alone and glad that I have made God through His Son, the God of my world. He is God of the universe, but only if trusted will He get into the affairs of men. He gives us authority, but using it takes some real divine guidance and intervention when used improperly.

I rejoice today knowing that this whole mess we live in can only go so far. God won't allow us to self destruct. He has set limits and boundaries and can even speed up time if needs be! I'm sure glad I can focus on the simpler things of everyday living knowing that really my focus is on God; on my Father. He is God and He's the best one for the job. He's a good Father and He gives good gifts.

Selah (rest and meditate)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Morning

It's weird to entitle a page "Tuesday Morning" as in our part of the world "Tuesday Morning"is a store, but it is indeed Tuesday morning for just a few more moments. I'm knocking off the items on my "to do" list and thought I'd take a rabbit trail and blog. I've updated my blog settings and am using a newer editor. I don't like changes, but force myself to take them so I don't grow stagnant.

I'm reading a great book, "The Sacred Ordinary" and enjoying it so much.  A young single Christian woman, Leigh McLeroy wrote it and also has a blog that she updates each Wednesday. I look forward to reading tomorrow's submission. Her book and blog are all about finding the sacred in everyday living. She has a great way of sharing her vision of sacred in the simple and mundane things of life. Her blog is great: and I love to share it wherever I go.

I'm also reading an entertaining but strange book, "The Lady in the Palazzo" by Marlena De Blasi. The woman is a chef, married to an Italian man, and recounts her life in Italy. I'm taking the book really slow. First because it's not a simple read. I hate missing wonderful details because I rush through, so I read a chapter when I can and then even reread chapters when I especially love them. The book is about adjusting oneself to another cultural way of living rather than demanding an entire ancient culture adapt to you. I look forward to finding her other books and reading them as well.

I found both the books I'm reading at dollar stores. I love it when I find good books at great discounts. I suggest if you read this and are interested in finding the same books for a good price you look at or

I also thought I'd share two pictures of my baby animals. First a picture of my ducklings just after we bought them. They are presently twice as big! The second picture is of our newest female kid. Her name is "Flicker" because she moves around the pen like a firefly! I love the white blaze on her forehead.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ducky Delights

My little duckling gals got to swim in one of my washtubs today. They were so totally freaked out. First because I had the washtub sitting on some pavers hubby had put down in front of the wash house, second because the swimming thing was new and third my drakes decided to attack them while they adjusted to the water. My hands bear the defensive marks from trying to keep my babies safe. "Hey boys, you're attacking your future wives. It's not going to sit well with the girls."

It is my evidence based opinion that ducks are really pigs in down covered costumes. My ducklings are so messy I have to completely strip and clean their huge tub twice a day. They love to mess in water and their food. I have three towels that are no longer fit for human use that have been relegated to the duck gals. Penelope, Petunia and Prudence (all pig names on purpose) have laid claim to the towels as their personal "sopping up messes on the bottom of our bedroom" towels. They are stained from their food and little poopies.

They have almost doubled in size since I bought them. They are still covered with little bitty downy feathers. Today they looked sort of bald when they were through with their swim. I dried them as much as they would allow and then dad put them back in their tub with the heat lamp focused down on their backs. They methodically preened and dried themselves by separating each little slender feathery piece on their bodies. It was as if they had done it a thousand times. Instinct is an amazing thing.

I know tomorrow will be less traumatic for them and eventually they will join the drakes in a large child's swimming pool in our back yard. My hope is to put in a permanent pond for my ducks, but for now a kiddy pool will have to do.

Water fowl are amazing animals. They always give humans a side long glance because they see us better that way. Their eyes are on either sides of their faces, so for comfort's sake they turn to look at us.

Mine are learning my voice. After the drake attack I noticed they were calmed when I spoke. Eventually they were completely calm, so calm in fact they had a blast diving in the water and then scratching their heads with their webbed feet. I'm thinking they were uncomfortable having water in their little hidden ears.

I know tomorrow will be a nice warm day and swimming will be on the duckling girls' agenda. I will do my best to upload the pictures hubby took of the girls. Perhaps we'll get some video of them tomorrow to add.

Bottoms up! (That's a duck thing in case you didn't know it.)

Friday, April 1, 2011

My Spoiled Critters

I'm sitting here trying to count all of our animals. We have 14 goats (three of which are less than a month old), 30 chickens (five of which are roosters and six of which are baby chicks), five ducks (three of which are ducklings) a cat and a dog. That means we feed 51 animals every single day. Some of our animals demand more attention than others. Some of our animals require more attention than others and some are vocal, but rather in the background. I've come to the conclusion that the smarter the animal the more they actually demand of you.

I have a couple manipulative animals as well. My dog Chorney is very manipulative and very good at being manipulative. She is the best behaved dog we've ever had, but also the most intelligent. She demands that all her toys make noise. If a toy (other than a ball) doesn't squeak or talk it gets tossed aside and never played with. She has a basket (old Woolworth shopping basket) full of toys. From time to time I go through them and look for tattered, broken or silent toys. They get tossed and I have a new opportunity to purchase something new for her. One must go out before one comes in.

Chorney is 12 years old and showing small signs of her age. I do a lot of praying for her as well as pampering when she shows signs of hurting or difficulty. I give her body rubs in the morning and goodies for small good behaviors.

I spoil all my animals on differing days. I gave my biggest goat "Pinkie" spinach this morning. No one else would touch it. He loved it and enjoyed eating it all by himself. I gave my mama chicken and her babes pancakes and cherry tomatoes. I gave tomatoes to my other chickens as well. Each animal has a favorite food and it's fun to discover that food and make sure they get it from time to time. All my goat boyz love carrots, pecans and pecan leaves. They act like nuts when we give them to them.

My Saanen goat "Pinkie" does this head cocking thing when he wants me to bless him with a goodie. He seems to know it gets to me. He's so big, but he acts like a little kid with big brown eyes. He adores carrots and pecans and will almost stand on his head to get them.

It's no wonder I have such difficulty with eating my animals. They are extended members of our family. My husband loves our big black Cornish rooster. When we ordered them we had no idea they were fighting cocks. We ordered five hens and one rooster. He is a prize fighter. He has scars from fighting the fence! He lost one of his spurs to the fence. He loves to attack from behind. He's a booger, but hubby loves his "never say die" spirit.

Farming for us has been an adventure. I'm a half country and half city girl. Born in the country, raised in the suburbs and now back in the country. My summers were spent in my home state of Montana. The love of simple and country came from those summers. I never really felt a part of California.

I know as long as we can care for our animals we will spoil their hineys. We love animals and love to be loved by our animals. Spoiling them is just part of the care we endeavor to give to everyone we meet. It's just in our nature.