Friday, August 1, 2014

Big Shot Bundle Sale At Stampin' Up!!!

Mr. Big Shot!

I  don't sell Stampin' Up any longer, but my daughter does. Stampin' Up is offering their Big Shot die cutting machine at the regular price of $99.95, but if you do purchase one you can also get a bundle including dies and matching stamps worth up to $54.95 for absolutely free. It's on my "must have" list as I gave my daughter mine and miss it like crazy.

I've included a PDF of the offer and if you are interested you can order yours through Janine. Don't daudle as the offer is only good this month (August 2014).

Big Shot Bundle Sale!!

Janine's Website

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Perfect Rose

I've been crocheting a scarf using sea foam green sport yarn and the crocodile or scale stitch. I love how it's turning out as it reminds me of rose leaves. With that in mind I decided I would end the scarf with cabbage roses. That meant the hunt was on for a perfect rose to embellish my scarf. I was surfing on Pinterest and found a tutorial (with illustrations) for a gorgeous, but simple rose pattern! I thought I'd share it with the whosoevers that visit my blog.


P. s. I plan to post a picture of my finished scarf when done.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Freebies: Wedding Crochet

Hey gals. I don't have an upcoming wedding to crochet for, but I do have a link to some freebies for those of you who do.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gigantic Doily!

Love the look of doilies, but the thought of using tiny thread and minuscule hooks intimidate you? How about making a doily rug that uses big ford and a big hook? Here is a link I found to a website with a free doily rug pattern!

Get artsy!

Freebies: Embroidery Patterns

Another love of mine is embroidery. My Nordic heritage plays a driving roll in a lot of what I enjoy. I love to cook (most of the time). I enjoy needle arts. I love wood working. I really enjoy painting and crocheting. My life as a full-time wife, mom, grandmother and minister keep me busy, but when my regular work is done I make sure and spend time creating using the gifts God gave me. I'm also somewhat of a geek so I share my loves in blogs and with social media. Here is a link to free embroidery patterns you might enjoy? 

Once again, enjoy!

Freebies: Crochet

If you enjoy crocheting as I do you are always on the lookout for free patterns to either inspire or follow. Here is a link to download a bunch of free ebook patterns!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Slide Show Memories

 I was raised in the 60s and so my memories from childhood were kept on wheels with a hundred slides. My dad would load carousels of pictures in his slide projector, set up the screen in the living room, and we'd remember events in our past. Of course mom would pop popcorn and make hot cocoa with Jetpuffed marshmallows! We didn't have DVDs or even videos; we had still shots of a given second of a two week long trek to Montana (the place my parents met).

Most of our memories are still shots just like those slides daddy flashed.  The only difference is daddy provided the narration along with some kibbutzing from mom and us kids. Today we (the artsy section of the population) scrapbook those snapshots of time. The art of Scrapbooking has evolved to a finer art. In my childhood I would paste (yes literally paste) pictures in a big scrapbook made with construction paper pages. I didn't consider if the paper was acid free, lignin free, or whatever free paper. I just slapped my token of the time in my scrapbook and went on. Of course the whole affair wasn't complete until I tasted the sweet paste. Hey don't judge me, we ALL ate paste back then.

I'm still not a meticulous CROPPER, that's the official name for those who scrapbook. I love SMASH books for just that reason. No rules!

I've written all this to share a blog website that offers stills of vintage pictures to use in your artsy fartsy projects. They are offered free, and free is good. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 6, 2014


There is a voice calling to me from the fridge. It's a subtle little voice, but at this moment it feels like it's screaming at me. Neatly wrapped in sparkly silver aluminum foil is part of a cranberry orange loaf of quick bread. I made it yesterday to quell my hubbie's insatiable sweet tooth. Answer me this. How does a man that wears dentures have a sweet tooth? I think with his pretty white pain free mouth full of teeth, his sweet tooth has actually grown. Before his teeth hurt him so badly he hesitated when faced with the thought of the pain more sugar would cause him. At any rate I baked a loaf of sweet quick bread and filled it with homemade cranberry preserves. I had a slice with tea this morning and was surprised at just how moist and yummy it was. So now the memory of its soft sweet goodness is making my tummy growl for another morsel or three of its homemade tastiness. It's nothing but a craving, but how vocal can one craving be? Pretty loud that's for sure. I'm planning on a snack in another twenty minutes. I'll make a cup go decaf vanilla chai latte and indulge Missy Craving with her heart's desire. Better get busy so I don't partake before my snack time.

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It's wild to rediscover a love for something you learned years ago, but I'm right in the middle of such a rediscovery! I've crocheted since I was very young, my grandmother taught me the basics. I then added to what she taught me at the YMCA IN Sheridan, Wyoming in the 70s. Just recently I heard the term, "entrelac" in reference to knitting. I have a friend that is very accomplished in knitting. She resolved to master this mysterious "entrelac" in her chosen art form. As I searched the Internet for pictures of this type of knitting I discovered that it can be done using crochet as well. My curiosity bloomed from those tiny seeds of words she shared to an all out love this beautiful kind of needlework. Below is my latest project in all it's rainbow glory. Thanks Kath!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Finished Project

Here is the finished placemat I made using entrelac crochet. Love it. You'll love it too if you crochet. Again, go to YouTube and search for "entrelac crochet tutorial", you'll be thrilled with the end results. I sure am.


A New Thing

I haven't crocheted for quite a while, but after learning how to do entrelac crochet (a form of Tunisian crochet) I'm "Hooked". PUN INTENDED

I can't tell you how addicting this lovely form of crochet is, but will tell you that you can go to YouTube and search for "entrelac crochet tutorials" and learn exactly how it is done. 

Below are a couple of projects I'm working on; a pillow and an afghan. I'm about to go buy more yard for the afghan as I have no idea how much it will take. I've used 12 different skeins (with leftovers for smaller projects), but I want to complete rounds in single colors and it takes a new skein to make the round. Loving it. 


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creature Comforts

The weather here in West Texas is less than desirable today. Normally the thought of frigid weather (it's 12 degrees here mixed with a coating of the white stuff) and snow stirs up thoughts of holidays and family. Why is it that in February it brings dread and loathing? At any rate my decision for the day was to stay inside and keep warm. It's one of those, "comfort yourself dear" days. So far this morning I've taken my time and savored everything I've done. I had my normal morning conversation and devotional with a dear friend. I've had my obligatory cup of caffeinated black currant tea to shake the proverbial cobwebs from my brain. I read ten or so pages (while snuggled deep within the covers of my bed WITH the electric blanket on) of a new favorite novel. I've even indulged myself in a steamy hot shower ending with the wearing of a new item of clothing carefully pared with boots, a wonderful zippered sweater and denim vest. All of these things are creature comforts to me. I don't often pamper myself, but today I'm all alone with my dogs and have no schedule or "must dos" on my daily "to do list". Sure there are things I "could do" and maybe even "should do", but they are taking a back seat to the "love your neighbor AS THYSELF" list.

As I get older my list has changed. My "creature comfort" in earlier times might have been sleep in, but time is so important to me these days. I am learning to count seconds and use them like Ebenezer Scrooge might use a tube of toothpaste. I get every little bit out of them, I even use a "butter knife" to squish the goodness out of my day.

One of my favorite things to do when I take the time is write. Not like the curriculum I'm working on that is "need to" thing, but free flowing from my heart like this blog. It's funny how I have a need to connect with other people, but I do. My husband looks at my need to share words with others like I am an alien when I do. He loves to write, but writing is for him and nobody else. We are different in many ways, that's for sure.

I'm a social moth. I say moth because butterfly is so cliche. Perhaps hubby is right when he refers to my need to connect as rather dangerous. Like a moth driven to the flame, I am driven to write for others to read. The only difference is that I don't need accolades or acceptance of my writing. I just need a format and hope I have an audience. I have a favorite blogger that emails me her penned thoughts once a week. She doesn't give her readers the option to reply, she simply gives them the opportunity to read her work. She is a published author so her words are appreciated and heeded, but she stops short of having too many "critical reviews"! I like her style.

What else will I do today? What else comforts me? Well I made a second cup of hot tea, non caffeinated peach. I have a pattern for a toboggan (a winter snugly hat) I might crochet. I might make some "handmade" greeting cards. Chances are good I'll meander through the latest and greatest on Pinterest. I love the eye candy appeal of Pinterest. A day like today begs for soup and grilled cheese. I could even bake some cookies. No I better not. I'm in the mood to eat them if I bake them.

A creature comfort day is a day where I am in control. How many of us love being in control? How seldom are we truly in control? The grandfather clock just chimed 9:00AM and I'm ok with it. I'm filling every moment with good things that make me feel loved, cared for, and even happy. I may pay for all this with a wave of guilt come tomorrow, but it will be worth it all. Of that I am sure.

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